Destruction and creation during the 20th century.
The journey through the century is restarting.

The 20th Century Voyage

Screen Saver for macOS

How can I travel in the 20th century?

The twentieth century was an era of invention. A number of technological innovations have greatly changed society. But on the other hand, the 20th century was also a century of war. The whole world hated and many important things were destroyed.

This work was made to know the times of such turbulence. About 5,000 histories are displayed quietly and randomly. This is a space-time journey. It will probably be an adventure around the twentieth century.

Install and Setting

Please open the downloaded “.dmg file” and copy the “.saver file” into the Screen Savers folder. Check here for more detailed installation instructions.

Quality and Energy Saving

You can control the display quality with Quality. The higher the quality, the more expressive, but the more energy consumption of the CPU.

Version History

Development support

The 20th Century Voyage is released as freeware, so anyone can use it for free. However, donations from users will continue my development. If you want to support this screensaver, please donate.